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    Raising money for any need can sometimes be difficult for non - profits or charities. Vlam World intends to help out with this need by allowing a portal free of charge to collect donations as well as free advertising. If interested in this option , or would like some more information feel free to email relax@vlamworld.org

    Non - Profit of the Month

    Love One Raise One

     We feel that taking the children and showing them their potential from the vantage point of how to improve and contribute to the world around them. We can propel them into adulthood with opportunities that will allow them to dodge hopeless poverty. Our program instills hope through community involvement, school mentoring and actively showing them the world outside of the one they live in. Our program meet families at the gap, whether that be educational, social skills, or life skills to fill their families with hope and encouragement again. We accomplish this with love for our community! Our efforts to reach our youth, and make a difference, one community at a time, can't take effect unless we have the support of everyone in our communities.   

    Love One Raise One

    Check out their Facebook page under Love One Raise One (LORO)! 

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