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  • Let The Games Begin!

    Every Sunday after 1:00 pm EST, Vlam World will be posting weekly challenges that are fun for all ages. Make sure to follow Vlam World - Get Involved Challenges Facebook Page to be able to complete all challenges. Now let's have some fun!!

    Vlam World Daily Challenges

    Sunday - May 6

    No challenge posted!

    Monday -May 7

    Eat a hearty breakfast!

    Tuesday - May 8

    Go for a walk/jog. (Be safe)

    Wednesday - May 9

    Share your best knock knock joke with your coworkers. (let us see them too, drop it in the comments)

    Thursday - May 10

    Riddle Me This! Do not google the answer!

    A word I know, six letters it contains,

    subtract one, and twelve remain.

    Friday -May 11

    1. Grab a bowl of popcorn, or your favorite snack.

    2. Grab a chair

    3. Sit near a window or outside, and enjoy nature 

    Saturday - No Challenge! Day of Rest